Garment Hanging Racking

Garment hanging racking is the perfect way to make the most of your warehouse space, allowing you to greatly increase your storage capacity.

Specifically designed for storing and picking clothing, garment hanging racking systems from CWS offer an effective way of increasing your storage. Easily allowing you to take on more stock and make the most of the space you have, these simple systems will help you meet your storage requirements. Installing garment hanging racking at your premises is a simple way to increase your capacity.

Advantages of garment hanging racking from CWS

Increase Your Storage Capacity

By increasing your storage capacity and allowing more products to be stored at your premises, garment hanging racking allows you to make the most of your facilities. Tailored to the fashion industry, these systems will improve your warehouse’s capabilities.

CWS garment hanging racking is ideal for

To discuss the benefits of having garment hanging racking at your premises, or if you have any queries you would like answered, contact CWS on today. One of our team will be on hand to give you the advice you need to make improvements to your business.

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